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for all ages and abilities in central London


Give yourself time each week to gain new skills, deepen your understanding of music, and learn to play the pieces that you love.


Whether you are a complete novice, or already a proficient amateur pianist, I will work with you towards achieving your musical goals. It's never too late to start!


My teaching method focusses on a relaxed and gestural technique, and on guiding you towards your own unique musical interpretation of classical, jazz or any other repertoire. Your hour session can also include learning musical notation, aural skills, theory, and improvisation if desired.


The piano accordion is a versatile instrument that can play an incredible classical repertoire of new and transcribed works, as well as impressive virtuoso style pieces and traditional music from many different genres. There are child-sized accordions, so students of any age can learn.

I predominantly play a piano accordion with a converter quint free bass system, but am open to teaching other systems for students who have progressed to free bass.


I offer lessons that can take your child from their first playing steps through to concertos and conservatoire auditions - or to having a lifelong skill. I focus on inspiring a love of music first, by creating an engaging, inspirational and productive atmosphere.


We will work towards goals that suit you and your child, preparing for ABRSM/Trinity exams in classical, jazz or popular music, as well as the other performance opportunities that I provide.


Within the weekly lesson we cover musical notation, rhythm exercises, improvisation, sight-reading, aural skills, and understanding music in a wider context through varied repertoire, activities, and games. My students also go on regular concert visits, and have access to masterclasses with other teachers.


Photo by Charles Brooks


I teach theory up to grade 8, and am happy to provide coaching for A level and university students in harmony, understanding figured bass, species counterpoint and more.


The theory covered in the main lesson of most younger students is sufficient to prepare for early theory examinations, but young students who are taking music seriously, or who want some extra background, can benefit greatly from specialist theory lessons.


Your lessons will be on a beautiful grand piano in Jacques Samuel Pianos. The studio is on Edgware road, a short walk from Marylebone, Paddington, and Marble Arch.

There is complimentary tea and coffee in the waiting area.

I also do some home visits by special arrangement, so feel free to enquire about this service.


07522 770 122

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